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Easy Globe Bug Tool v1.5 + COMBO LIST by Emphasis

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Easy Globe Bug Tool v1.5 + COMBO LIST. Free globe tattoo hack, globe supersurf bug, globe tattoo free internet, supersurf extension, free internet globe tattoo.

What is a "Globe Bug?"

It is a jargon used on having a free internet access using Data Cards or Dongles (i.e. Globe Tattoo)  by bugging the service providers promo. Using this trick the automated system will be flooded by a promo registration request even though there's no load or credits. This works only for Globe Tattoo users with 1 peso load balance.

  • Promo Lists
  • Combo Lists 
  • Automator
  • Bugging Area
  • Status Checker

How to Bug Globe Tattoo Sim Cards?

1.) Insert your modem to your PC. (Make sure you only have 1 peso load)
2.) Open the Globe Easy Bugger Tool v1.5 by Emphasis (The download links is at the bottom of this page)
3.) Insert your mobile number and Cick the COMBO LIST>> located at the upper right corner.
4.) Select the combination from the COMBO LIST(It's a radio button i guess :D ) below. (Ex. BBMAX599+SS2000) and click SET COMBO.
5.) Then, Click all the subscribe buttons below your mobile number.
6.) Wait for 2888 for the subscription links (make sure your dashboard is open) and copy each one to the BUGGING AREA. 
7.) Paste the FIRST LINK from the PROMO 1 to Link1, PROMO2 to Link2, PROMO 3 to Link 3 and so on. (make it fast because all links will expire within 30 seconds)
8.) You will receive a message from 8888.
9.) Try to connect your dashboard and browse. IF FAIL, REPEAT STEP 1 -> 9.

Download the Easy Globe Bug Tool v1.5 + Combo List

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Download Link:
Credits to: Emphasis |

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