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How to Protect Your Globe Wimax Device from Network Intrusion

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Protecting your device (Huawei BM622, BM625, BM621, Bm622i) from intruder is pretty easy task but if you neglect to do so, expect "blank wan" of "firmware destroyer" to damage your device. 

Here are some tips that will help you protect your treasured device (Manual and Auto Protection):

1.) Make sure you are a legit user. (which mostly are not)
2.) Disable the HTTP Telnet and WAN from the ACL Tab of your device GUI.

  • To disable that, you must login as an administrator to your device. To generate admin password simply login to your GUI as user. If you are using BM622, BM621 and BM625, open your favorite web browser and type a login box will appear, type for the username: user and for the password: user.
  • For BM622i users, this is more advance please refer to this for more commands: BM622i Admin
  • Then, download this Wimax Tools by Syntaxerror00100.
  • Open the Wimax Tools and copy your WAN mac address from the GUI and paste it to the password generator tab.
  • Copy the password and logout from user account and login as admin username: admin and password: "the generated password from the Wimax Tools"
3.) Now, unchecked the HTTP Telnet and WAN from the ACL.
4.) Click Apply. You are now protected.
5.) If you want to change your mac address just login as admin and check the HTTP Telnet.

*Note: This is based only on experiment using mac sniper. By disabling the WAN your IP will be hidden and cannot be snipe. 


Using Wimax Defender created again by Syntaxerror00100. 
You can download the software here: Wimax Defender


1.) Change your telnet username and password (i will make a tutorial about this next time so stay tuned)
2.) Change your user and admin account.
3.) Mask your BSID.

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    1. meron po :) maglalagay ako ng vivid tut sa susunod.

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