Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Globe Wimax VIP Mac Address Series Unveiled

11:37 - By Jett Catallorca 1

Gusto nyo ng VIP MAC dre?

Gamitin nyo to as a reference, paanakin at hulaan ang domain :) Halos lahat ng nandito ay default domain.

  • 00:25:68:xx:xx:26 8mbps
  • 00:1E:10:xx:xx:xC 8mbps
  • 00:17:C4:xx:xx:25 8mbps
  • 00:1E:10:xx:xx:57 8mbps
  • 64:16:F0:4F:xx:xx 8mbps
  • 00:07:82:xx:xx:B1 8mbps
  • 00:1E:XX:XX:XX:XX 8mbps
  • 00:1E:XX:XX:XX:57 8mbps
  • 00:1E:10:XX:XX:XX 1-3mbps
  • 00:17:C4:XX:XX:XX 5mbps
  • 00:21:07:XX:XX:XX 2-22mbps
  • 00:51:11:00:XX:XX 5mbps
  • 20:2B:C1:XX:XX:XX 1-2mbps
  • 28:3C:E4:XX:XX:XX 8mbps
  • 28:5F:DB:XX:XX:XX 1-3mbps
  • 4C:54:99:XX:XX:XX 1-2mbps 
  • 54:89:98:XX:XX:XX 8mbps
  • 5C:4C:A9:C0:XX:XX 1mbps
  • 64:16:F0:4F:XX:XX 8mbps
  • 70:7B:E8:XX:XX:XX 8mbps
  • 78:1D:BA:XX:XX:XX 2mbps
  • 84:A8:E4:45:XX:XX 2mbps
  • 88:53;D4:XX:XX:XX 8mbps
  • 10:C6:1F:XX:XX:XX 2mbps
  • BC:76:70:XX:XX:XX 8mbps 
  • CC:96:A0:XX:XX:XX 8mbps
  • F4:55:9C:XX:XX:XX 8mbps 
  • F8:3D:FF:XX:XX:XX 8mbps 
  • FC:48:EF:XX:XX:XX 8mbps

Gamitan nyo ng Wimax Tool v6.0 ksi mas stable ito na version sa 6.5 sa pag snipe. Goodluck! http://www.pinoydown.com/2013/02/globe-wimax-tools-v620-by.html

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