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Unattended Wimax Mac Address Tester by Jailbreak

20:16 - By Jett Catallorca 14

Continuous and unattended MAC address tester is a script that automatically test a series or sequence of MAC addresses using Huawei WiMAX modems such as BM622, BM621, BM625, BM622i and other devices as medium and with the aid of telnet application.


  1. BM622, BM621, BM625 or BM622i Huawei Wimax modems.
  2. Sequence of MAC addresses to be tested. Can be obtained from MAC address generators of this site.

How to Use?

  1. Edit the MACAddTester script using Notepad
  2. Input the correct parameters of the modem to the script such as the IP address, telnet user account name, password and other commands.

    1. REM Write MAC to the script  
    2. ECHO>>telnetscript.txt  
    3. ECHO WAIT "Login:">>telnetscript.txt  
    4. ECHO SEND "wimax\m">>telnetscript.txt  
    5. ECHO WAIT "Password:">>telnetscript.txt  
    6. ECHO SEND "wimax820\m">>telnetscript.txt  
    7. ECHO WAIT "ATP>">>telnetscript.txt  
    8. ECHO SEND "setallmacaddr %%I\m">>telnetscript.txt  
    9. ECHO WAIT "ATP>">>telnetscript.txt  
    10. ECHO SEND "restoredef\m">>telnetscript.txt  
    11. ECHO WAIT "restoredef">>telnetscript.txt  
  3. Save the script.
  4. While still still Notepad, edit MACAddressList text file and add correct order/sequence of MAC addresses unto it. Few MAC addresses have been listed therein for testing and reference.

    1. Example:  
    2. 84:A8:E4:45:C4:01  
    3. 84:A8:E4:45:C4:03  
    4. 84:A8:E4:45:C4:05  
    5. 84:A8:E4:45:C4:07  
    6. 84:A8:E4:45:C4:09  
    7. 84:A8:E4:45:C4:0B  
    8. 84:A8:E4:45:C4:0D  
    9. 84:A8:E4:45:C4:0F  
  5. Save the MAC Address List file
  6. Then if everything was correctly set, run the MACAddTester. The script will test all the mac addresses that is in the list file and will segregate the active and inactive MAC addresses that will be listed onActiveMAC and InActiveMAC files.
  7. By default, the script was set to 80 seconds or 1.5 minutes in testing the connectivity of the MAC address. You can reduce it as you wish by editing the -n 80 seconds in MACAddTester script.


This tool is shared generously and provided as is. The author has no responsibility nor liability for any harm or any damage that may incur to your computer, modem and operating while you are using this tool. [SOURCE]

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  1. di ko mapagana sa BM622i nakasubok naba neto?

    1. aw di pa po supported ang BM622i 2011 sorry po.

    2. ganun ba....akala ko supported..:-(
      ok lng op..thanks.

    3. ano pass nito bat linalagyan pa ng pass script lang naman?

    4. @Van po ang pass.

  2. Sir ok lang ba kong papalitan ko ng diag reboot ang restoredefault sa script ?

    1. yup para mapalitan ang kanyang NAI

    2. sir penge po new link.. nd na DL d2 sa bka pde sa mediafire.tnx

  3. not that effective....natry ko sya BM622i 2010 sinubukan kong mac wla itong nakuhang live mac..but testing it on other tools na pangchange mac gumana naman..maybe if dadagdagan pa sya ng change NAI na script gumana na to.....

  4. PWEDE PA REPLY NAMAN PO DITO NG EDITED na Script ng Bm622 2011 kasi di ko po alam ang papalitan dito sa mga to~
    BM622 2011
    Default user at admin passwords
    Default Telnet passwords

    REM Write MAC to the script
    ECHO WAIT "Login:">>telnetscript.txt
    ECHO SEND "wimax\m">>telnetscript.txt
    ECHO WAIT "Password:">>telnetscript.txt
    ECHO SEND "wimax820\m">>telnetscript.txt
    ECHO WAIT "ATP>">>telnetscript.txt
    ECHO SEND "setallmacaddr %%I\m">>telnetscript.txt
    ECHO WAIT "ATP>">>telnetscript.txt
    ECHO SEND "restoredef\m">>telnetscript.txt
    ECHO WAIT "restoredef">>telnetscript.txt

    alam ko na po kung panu yung sa Macaddresses na .txt pero scripting lang po talaga ako naguguluhan eh~~ salamat po~!! ayaw ko naman masira modem ko ~ tagal ko na po kasi nag hahanap ng ganitong tool~~ kaka pagod mag manual hunt ng macs eh please po T;T

  5. ty sir napagana ko sa bm622i 2011 ko, kaso di ko mkta kung my ping or wla...

  6. PTP admin!!

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    Thank you!!!


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