How to Get Wimax Admin Password on BM622i/BM622 2011 Firmware

Posted by Jett Catallorca on Sunday, 23 February 2014 13

BM622i/BM622 2011
This is how to get the admin password for your BM622i/BM622 2011 package Date.

1.) Dowload the Squashfs666 Password Generator (credits to him) [Mediafire]
2.) Little Knowledge :)


1.) Open your favorite browser type hit enter and login to your Wimax GUI using user account:
BM622i/BM622 2011
Click the image to enlarge

  • username: user
  • password: 0SlO051O
2.) Now, copy the serial # and mac address and paste it in notepad.

4.) Paste the serial # and the mac address without colon ":' and click Generate

BM622i/BM622 2011
Click the image to enlarge
5.) Copy the password the has been generated
BM622i/BM622 2011
Click the image to enlarge

6.) Logout your user account and now, you are ready to login as admin to do that, just type:
  • username: admin
  • password: (your generated password)

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  1. gud day bossing, pwede b ung b622i 2013 model? sabi nila may gps daw nakakabit sa modem ma trace daw ng globe ang location, tnx

    1. wala naman boss :) ang mahal kaya ng gps :D

  2. napakalufet mo talaga idol...tagal ko na naghahanap nito...maraming thanks

  3. ayaw gumana sakin pa help nman po serial number length overstep

    1. tignan mo po baka may space sa pag copy-paste mo :) at saka ang mac dapat tanggalan mo ng colon.

  4. boss pagnakapasok na ko as admin pano gagawin? question boss pano ko papaganahin yung mac add na nilagay ko as in yung mga binibigay sa site nyo?

  5. superlike. more share more fun. :D

  6. boss pwd pahelp po sa bm622m last year ko po to nakuha eh kakacut off palng ng service nito nung feb eh

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